Lake Arrowhead Oktoberfest 2016 Unless you’re part of a study abroad program or a wealthy jet-setter, chances are you don’t have the time or money to fly to Munich for Oktoberfest. But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy beer, bratwurst and all the associated festivities. Drive up the hill to Lake Arrowhead to celebrate right here in the United States—where … Read More

2016 Summer Concert Series

2016 Summer Concert Series MAY 5/13 NOISE POLLUTION Tribute to AC/DC 5/14 ATLANTIC CROSSING: Tribute to Rod Stewart 5/20 PLATINUM ROCKSTARS 5/21 THE FENIANS: Original Irish Rock 5/27 NO DUH Tribute to No Doubt 5/28 FAN HALEN: Van Halen Tribute 5/29 POLICE EXPERIENCE: Police Tribute 5/30 THE DUDES w/Vickie Goodglick  (afternoon concert 2-4pm! Memorial Day Remembrance) JUNE 6/3 WANTED Tribute to Bon Jovi 6/4 LED ZEPAGAIN: Led Zeppelin Tribute 6/10 CATCH A WAVE Tribute to … Read More

Enjoy the Beauty of Fall Leaves in Lake Arrowhead

Admittedly, Lake Arrowhead is not the East Coast. But our fall foliage is breathtakingly beautiful, nonetheless. Every autumn, nature puts on a brilliant show of color here that features bright yellows to vibrant reds.

Halloween in Lake Arrowhead

Belgian Waffle Works is the perfect fall dining destination, with several comfort food choices to help you manage that special chill in the air.

There’s Still time to Take in a Concert at Lake Arrowhead Village

Dancing the night away at a concert requires some serious energy! So, if you would prefer to eat before or answer the concerts, fuel up with a tasty lunch or dinner at Belgian Waffle Works before enjoying your favorite band. Grab a delectable parmesan roast beef sandwich or our amazing Ponderosa salad with a jolt of great coffee and get your dance on!

Summer Dieting in Lake Arrowhead

Diets are tough for everyone. With all the fads and trends out there in dieting, such as the Paleolithic diet, the best way to go is still “eat healthy and exercise.” Belgian Waffle Works can be a friend in your diet quest, offering healthy fare such as a lemon chicken garden salad or perfectly grilled turkey burger.

You’ve Gotta Get Your Greens!

Salad is a wonderful meal because it can contain many assorted ingredients which can be mixed and matched to suit individual tastes! It’s no longer just the menu choice for those who want to lose weight. Many salads are robust meals that offer a wonderful source of protein and antioxidants. Salads now come in endless varieties, from Cobb to Waldorf!

Things to Do in Southern California

If money is no object, you might enjoy jetting off to Paris for the weekend. But if you live in the real world with the rest of us, you might be better served to drive to a less extravagant destination.

Winter Fun at Winterfest in Lake Arrowhead

Featuring live entertainment on the center stage in Lake Arrowhead Village, Winterfest is a great opportunity for locals and visitors alike to experience the unique flavor of Lake Arrowhead.