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The egg is incredible.

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In today’s post, let’s look one of nature’s best foods: Eggs! In addition to incredible waffles, at Belgian Waffle Works we offer a variety of egg dishes. So it is only fitting that we celebrate this incredible, self-contained food.

No doubt you have seen and heard the American Egg Board’s well known campaign, “the incredible edible egg®.” Coined by advertising agency Campbell Mithun in 1977, the slogan is still in use today.

One of nature’s oldest food items, eggs have become an important part of pop culture. There is even a website dedicated to the science of cooking eggs. Eggs are so special they have their specifically-designed carton, which was initially invented by Joseph Coyle in 1911, and used by kids in art classes everywhere. Love the taste of small-farm produced eggs? Some suburbanites are even raising their own egg-laying hens!


With everyone talking about protein and new protein-based diets, eggs are front and center. Not many foods pack as much nutrition into such a small package as the egg. With only 75 calories, one large egg won’t pack on the pounds. The protein found in eggs is also 100 percent digestible, a higher percentage than any other food.

six brown eggs in an open carton

Have you had an egg today?

Why eggs are a great part of your diet:

  • Protein packed – about 6.5 grams!
  • Essential amino acids
  • A multitude of vitamins and minerals including A, riboflavin, folic acid, B12, iron, calcium and phosphorous

So what about cholesterol and fat?

egg in a frying pan

Cholesterol-wise, one egg per day is probably okay.

  • Egg whites do not contain any cholesterol. So you can skip the yolks if you have high-cholesterol issues.
  • Eggs contain about five grams of fat, but only about one and a half grams are saturated.
  • The average person can safely eat a whole egg a day as part of a nutritious diet.
  • Eggs and carrots have something in common! Eggs are great for eye health, with consumption linked to decreased incidence of Macular Degeneration and Cataracts.
  • How you cook your eggs is important. While frying eggs in bacon grease is an especially tasty treat, hard boiling, poaching or basting are better options for a low-fat diet.

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