Belgian Waffle Works Celebrates 30 Years of Dockside Dining in Lake Arrowhead Village

Belgian Waffle Works opened in June of 1982

One of Lake Arrowhead Village’s most popular restaurants, Belgian Waffle Works, will celebrate 30 years of dockside dining this summer.

Interesting Facts about Belgian Waffle Works:

  • The BWW was the first “new” dockside business to open in 1982 after the Lake Arrowhead Village was rebuilt following a major renovation of the Village that was destroyed during a fire-training exercise.
  • The original motto was, “Where the décor is Victorian and the dining is delicious.”
  • To pay homage to previous owners Bob and Mary Baker, during the renovation, current owners, Chris and Gina Walters, kept the original Victorian wallpaper in one room which they named “Mary’s Room.”
  • The menu used to include items such as Boysenberries Surprise, Sundae Stroll and The Triple Treat.
  • Over the years, many celebrities have visited and continue to dine at the BWW including: Julia Roberts, Eric LaSalle, Ernie Hudson, Chris McDonald, June Lockhart, Dr. Laura Schlessinger, KFI’s John Koppel, Roseanne Barr, Bill Cobbs, Tori Spelling, The Nelson Brothers, Mike Connors, Beau Bridges, Ed McMahon, Brian Wilson, Coolio, Linkin Park and Alanis Morissette …to name a few.
  • When the doors to Belgian Waffle Works opened in June, 1982, the tables were made of English Oak and the overhead shelves displayed many of the unique antiques that remain there today.
  • The late Thomas Kincaid visited the BWW in October, 2008 and so enjoyed his dining experience on the dockside patio overlooking the lake that it inspired him to paint a picture of Belgian Waffle Works and The Arrowhead Queen. He later selected the painting to grace the cover of the 2009 edition of his calendar.
  • In 2010, Disney Artist James Coleman also had breakfast on the BWW patio, which inspired him to paint Lake Arrowhead Village with wooden boats and the BWW in the background.
  • During the restaurant remodel in 2008, local artist Patty McDonald painted the BWW. In fact, her artwork hangs on the walls in the area known as “Patty’s Room.”
  • Prior to the renovation, there were only nine tables inside. So the waits times were long. The renovation increased the table-count to 20 and provided an updated, attractive European look with an awesome view of lake from all of our interior tables.
  • An awning was built for the patio in 2010 and is enjoyed by guests who visit from around the world.

Although much has changed over the years, the most important things remain:

  • The BWW exclusive recipe mix over the years was sold retail through Costco and Smart & Final and Iris. It was also used by the Hilton Hotels. It is now sold online at and distributed by U.S. Foods to camps, hotels and other restaurants.
  • Waffles feature prominently on a menu that includes dozens of delicious options. In fact, there are 17 mouth-watering specialty waffles from the simple original served with hot drawn butter and warm maple syrup to the decadent Apple Annie.
  • Recently updated, the menu offers diners homemade soups, fresh market salads and gourmet sandwiches, juicy burgers, homemade breads, tantalizing appetizers and delicious pasta dishes. What’s more, we offer coffee drinks including rich sipping chocolate, espresso, cappuccino, premium deserts, wine, beer, specialty drinks and more.
  • Still prominently displayed are oak doors and panels, sliding doors and stained glass circa 1850, much of which was shipped from a hotel in Kansas City, which was being demolished.

To celebrate, Belgian Waffle Works will be hosting specials all summer long and live music on the patio Saturday and Sunday’s. Connect with us on Facebook and Twitter so you are aware of every deal. Come join us for breakfast, lunch or dinner. You’ll be glad you did!

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