Celebrate February Holidays at Belgian Waffle Works


Most people associate the month of February with Valentine’s Day, which occurs each February 14th. Others may look forward to time off from work to celebrate President Abraham Lincoln and George Washington’s birthdays. But February is also lauded for dozens of lesser  known events which commemorate everything from Black History Month to Groundhog Day. Even more obscure are the following holidays, according to HolidayInsights.com.  To help you sort it all out, we’ve reproduced the list of some special days and provided some suggestions for celebrating each of them at Belgian Waffle Works in Lake Arrowhead Village.

An Affair to Remember Month If you’ve seen the movie, you know it pays homage to romance. So observe this by taking a date to Belgian Waffle Works, where you can make like Lady & the Tramp and share a wonderful meal and a delicious dessert.

Great American Pie Month A quick review of our dessert board tells the tale. We love pie. And we generally carry several delicious homemade varieties… such as strawberry rhubarb, berry with lemon crust or apple pie. What could be better than enjoying a slice to commemorate this important date?

National Children’s Dental Health Month Since childhood obesity is one of the scariest things America faces as a nation, we model responsible behavior by offering lots of healthy options on the Belgian Waffle Works’ menu. Your kids can choose fruit instead of fries and juice or milk instead of soda. Bring them in today to try our heart-healthy Veggi-Sliders or Vegan Chicken Nuggets.

National Freedom Day is an observance that honors the signing of a resolution that proposed the 13th amendment of the nation’s constitution on February 1, 1865. Abraham Lincoln, who was the president at the time, signed the resolution to outlaw slavery.

Marmot and man on Groundhog Day

Ground Hog Day, which falls on February 2 centers on the idea of the groundhog comes out of its home to “predict” the weather. Lake Arrowhead is one of the few locations in Southern California that actually has weather. Instead of keeping So Cal meteorologists bored, we welcome everything from bright sun to blustery wind, freezing temperatures, snow, frost, ice, sleet, hail, rain and fog. So, whatever Punxsutawney Phil predicts, celebrate his day at the BWW.

The Day the Music Died – Buddy Holly, Richie Valens and the Big Bopper died in a plane crash in 1959. At Belgian Waffle Works, we periodically provide live free music featuring local musicians.  Don’t forget to check out the free summer concert series during the summer months at the Lake Arrowhead Village.

Create a Vacuum Day is the little-known day when we should all make our houses and restaurants spick and span using vacuum cleaners. We take great pride in keeping our restaurant clean. Unlike some eateries in the area which look like a before scene in Restaurant Impossible, at Belgian, you will be able to enjoy your meal in a neat and tidy environment.

Thank a Mailman Day If you’re into “Thank a Mailman Day,” why not give him a gift certificate or gift card to Belgian Waffle Works? He’ll thank you for it.

Lame Duck Day Located dockside, we sell small bags of food for .50 cents, so you and your family can feed the grateful Lake Arrowhead ducks.

Cute chef mascot characterWave All your Fingers at Your Neighbor Day  Has anyone ever heard of this weird holiday? No matter. If you want to celebrate this odd event, you can dine on our patio or in our window-covered dining room and wave to anyone and everyone who passes by your lakeside seat.

Kite Flying Day Although it’s a bit weird that this holiday is celebrated smack in the middle of winter, you could bring your kite to Lake Arrowhead and fly it on the green, then come in from the cold for some latte or espresso made with fresh roasted coffee beans from Pine Cone Coffee Co. or a hot chocolate with whipped cream.

Clean out Your Computer Day Held on the second Monday of month, this day would be a great time to run a full virus scan and leave your computer unattended while dropping in for a bite or a beer.

Don’t Cry over Spilled Milk Day We serve large glasses of cold milk at Belgian Waffle Works. They go great with our homemade cinnamon loaf or a slice of pie. And if you accidentally spill yours, don’t cry. We’ve got plenty.

Do a Grouch a Favor Day Everyone has a neighbor or coworker they would love to honor on this day. We suggest celebrating by taking your favorite grouch to lunch.

Random Acts of Kindness Day Although this is a little known holiday, it deserves attention. You can celebrate by paying for the patrons at the next table. Don’t do it for the glory. Do it for the sake of Random Acts of Kindness Day.

Cherry Pie Day Nearly as important as National American Pie Month, this day deserves to be recognized. So come in for a hot slice of pie. We’ll even warm it up and serve it ala-mode, if you prefer.

Hoodie-Hoo Day Celebrated in the Southern Hemisphere, this winter day is the time to run outside at noon, wave your hands over your head and chant “Hoodie-Hoo” as a way of chasing away winter and welcoming spring. If you come by Belgian Waffle Works to celebrate Hoodie-Hoo, we’ll keep your table safe while you run outside and make a fool of yourself.

Walking the Dog Day Lake Arrowhead Village is dog-friendly. Not only is there a doggie bakery, but many vendors stock free dog treats. Although you can’t bring your canine into Belgian Waffle Works, if it’s warm enough, you could sit on the lake view patio if you have a polite pooch with your dog outside the fence next to you.

National Tortilla Chip Day We don’t mean to brag. But we make one of the best California Salads made tortilla bowl, shredded lettuce, grilled chicken breast, bell peppers, onions, refried beans, avocado, cheddar cheese and sliced olives with a side of fresh pico de gallo & sour cream. So come into Belgian Waffle Works to mark this important culinary holiday.

Carnival Day Lollipop Park is located just a stone’s throw from Belgian Waffle Works, in the Village. So bring your kiddies and celebrate Carnival Day without breaking the bank. Your kids will love the Merry Go Round, Go-Karts and train…to name a few.

Polar Bear Day Crazy people with a death wish jump into freezing water to prove their mettle. No need to travel to the North Pole for this auspicious occasion. Instead, head on up the hill and jump in the lake. Then come in to warm up with an espresso or a bowl or homemade soup or chili.

Don’t forget to bring your sweetheart in for Valentine’s Day to enjoy a romantic breakfast, lunch or a dessert at one of Southern California’s premier destinations. Belgian Waffle Works is a full-service family restaurant located “dockside” at Lake Arrowhead Village since 1982, Featuring 17 original specialty Belgian-style waffles, homemade soups, fresh market salads, gourmet sandwiches, juicy certified angus beef  burgers with  homemade buns, Espresso, Cappuccino’s, premium desserts, wine, beer, specialty drinks and more. Belgian Waffle Works waffles are made from an exclusive mix, which is available for sale onsite and online at www.belgianwaffle.com Come join us to celebrate any holiday for breakfast, lunch or dinner. You’ll be glad you did!

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