Choosing the Vegetarian Path

Food Pyramid

You are what you eat.

When it comes to restaurant dining, those who choose to abstain from eating animal products used to be relegated to salad bars and bread baskets. The days of limited vegetarian choices are over!

Committed to providing healthy choices for our
customers, we offer several great selections for
the vegetarian set. Take, for instance, our
Gardenburger® Garden Chik'n Tenders, which are
chicken-less nuggets, which are a tasty protein-
packed meal, free of animal products. While people 
avoid meat products for a variety of reasons 
vegetarianism provides a host of health benefits 
including lowered risk of heart disease, diabetes, and some 
cancers. And even if you are a red-meat lover, 
chances are, you know and love someone who has 
chosen the vegetarian lifestyle. The good news is 
that dining at Belgian Waffle Works will keep 
everyone happy.

Benefits of a Vegetarian Diet:

  1. Reduced health risks
  2. Vegetarians often report they enjoy flavors and cooking more as they need to devote more effort to buying and preparing and judiciously seasoning fresh food.
  3. Improved digestion, particularly by those who are lactose intolerant or have difficulties digesting meat products.
  4. Plant foods boast large amounts of fiber than their meat and dairy counterparts. Fiber helps control weight and regulates blood sugar levels.

What about getting enough essential nutrients?

  1. Vitamin B and Calcium can be more difficult to ingest without the dietary introduction of dairy. To offset this drawback, vegetarians need to eat plenty of leafy greens like spinach collard greens as well as proteins like tofu to make sure they get plenty of nutrients.
  2. Soy-based foods such as veggie burgers and nuts are packed with proteins and beneficial fats which provide an ideal replacement for meat.
  3. What about Iron? Meat eaters sometimes mistakenly believe they need to eat liver, steak and hamburgers for iron. But a wide range of foods contain iron, including chickpeas, tomato juice, oatmeal, kidney beans, cashews, black beans, raisins, and whole wheat bread.

Belgian Waffle Works provides vegetarians with a plethora of tasty options!

  • Choose a Gardenburger® with a dinner salad on the side. Or have it with fries. The choice is yours.
  • Any of our salads, such as the tasty Ponderosa or hearty Lemon Chicken can be ordered without chicken or soy chicken tenders for a balanced meal.
  • Fish—if you eat fish, we have several options on our menu to suit. Try our delicious, crispy Fish Filet Sandwich, Fish & Chips basket, tuna salad or hearty Tuna Melt.
  • Veggie Sandwiches—we serve a fresh, crisp vegetarian sandwich which comes with avocado, bell peppers, onions, sprouts, olives, lettuce and tomato. But any sandwich can be converted to a vegetarian delight by omitting or replacing the protein.
  • Our stuffed tomato and avocado can be filled with white albacore tuna salad.
  • Far from canned fruit cocktail or tasteless melon, our Fresh Fruit Platter features seasonal items like ripe strawberries, fresh melon, sweet cantaloupe, pineapple and slices of tender banana. It’s all served with your choice of low-fat cottage cheese or yogurt and a slice of our homemade cinnamon loaf.
  • And, best of all…waffles always work! Belgian Waffle Works is the perfect place to bring dieters of all kinds because our menu features a wide range of tasty items. And don’t forget; we also serve multi-grain waffles, which are the perfect when you want to indulge but aren’t ready to toss kick healthy-eating to the curb.

Whether or not you chose a vegetarian diet is a very personal choice. With either path, it’s important to pick a wide range of foods that you eat in moderation. Thankfully for our guests, Belgian Waffle Works offers a great variety of foods to fit every taste and lifestyle.

The Belgian Waffle Works is a full-service family restaurant featuring 17 original specialty Belgian-style waffles, homemade soups, fresh market salads, gourmet sandwiches, juicy burgers, homemade breads, Espresso, Cappuccino, premium desserts, wine, beer, specialty drinks and more. Belgian Waffle Works’ waffles are made from an exclusive mix, which is available for sale onsite and online. Come join us for breakfast, lunch or dinner. You’ll be glad you did!

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