The Benefits of Healthy Eating!

whole grain sandwich with ham, lettuce and tomatoes

Enjoy the benefits of healthy eating at Belgian Waffle Works.

The Benefits of Good Nutrition: Why you shouldn’t have to choose between tasty and healthy.

How often have you heard about a diet plan that touts that the food “is as good for you as it tastes?” All too often, if you order the food and try to follow the “plan,” you may discover it tastes like salted cardboard. But eating healthy does not mean you have to dine without flavor. And although it provides sustenance, remember that food should be enjoyed!

These days, nearly everyone is taking a stab at healthy eating. From soy milk to baked chips, healthy-eating options abound. Sales of organic food and drink rose from barely $1 billion in 1990 to $24.8 billion in 2009. Did the U.S. population grow by a factor of 25 over this time period? No. The change occurred as interest in eating homegrown food caught on.

Dining out all too often poses a challenge to folks who are trying to eat healthy. However, at Belgian Waffle Works, we prepare several healthy, tasty options, including whole grain waffles and gourmet veggie burgers (to name a few), which are designed to nourish the body and appeal to the palate.

You have likely been hearing a lot about “whole grain.” So what’s the big deal about it? It turns out that whole grains are “wonder food”:

  • Whole grain means that the germ, endosperm and bran are used in the food, while refined grains like white bread contain only the endosperm.
  • Ticker power! Eating whole grains benefits your heart through producing less of the type of fat that causes heart attacks.
  • Antioxidant power! Whole grains contain antioxidants and Phytochemicals that benefit good health.
  • Everyone needs more fiber. Whole grains have a bunch.
  • A waffle multi-vitamin! Filled with B vitamins, Vitamin E, and minerals like magnesium and iron, multi grains provide nutrients naturally.

What if you want to skip the waffle and have a burger? Our gourmet veggie or garden burgers offer superb taste and a host of nutrients.

As an alternative to meat products the Belgian Waffle Works can substitute
Gardenburger® Garden Chik'n Tenders.

As the original, rice-based veggie patty, this brand is the choice for
health-active consumers and vegetarians and has a taste that’s ideal for
all health-conscious consumers.

The right brand for consumers choosing a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle.

Made with natural ingredients, real vegetables and whole grains.

Gardenburger® items are organic, healthy, and made with natural ingredients.

  • More fiber! Veggie burgers typically are made of soy or other bean ingredients which are great sources of fiber.
  • Watch out for the sodium! Some veggie burgers pile on the salt instead of simple seasonings. Quality made veggie burgers burst with intense flavor and don’t need much salt.
  • Less fat! Veggie burgers don’t have saturated fats, they are lean and tasty. Belgian Waffle Works will soon offer a vegan/vegetarian “chicken” nugget made by the folks who brought us the Garden Burger. This is a tasty, low-fat alternative to traditional chicken tenders.
  • Lean protein. Choose fish, poultry or low-fat beef to nourish your organs.

Healthy Chocolate?

There are actually several natural, nutritional functional foods in virtually every food group. As we all know, chocolate itself is a functional food if it contains sufficient antioxidants and flavonoids. However, it is now possible for manufacturers to create functional foods by fortifying and enhancing their products to give them added health benefits never before possible.
NOT all chocolate is healthy as most companies cook the cocoa beans, remove the cocoa butter and add milk, sugar and other additives. Healthy Chocolate is made with cacao that is blanched, unfermented, sun-dried, non-roasted and cold-pressed, which means it boasts eight times the levels of epicatechins and catechins, and four times the levels of procyandins than cacao produced with standard processing. To try MXI  Health Chocolate and wellness products.

Eating healthy is all about balance. Belgian Waffle Works has a great blend of foods, from fruit bowls to more decadent choices. Our salads are made from scratch, using only fresh fruits and vegetables as well as homemade dressings, nuts, seeds and more.

The Belgian Waffle Works is a full-service family restaurant featuring 17 original specialty Belgian-style waffles, homemade soups, fresh market salads, gourmet sandwiches, juicy burgers, homemade breads, Espresso, Cappuccino, premium desserts, wine, beer, specialty beverages and more. Belgian Waffle Works’ waffles are made from an exclusive mix, which is available for sale onsite and online. Come join us for breakfast, lunch or dinner. You’ll be glad you did!

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