The Benefits of Healthy Eating!

How often have you heard about a diet plan that touts that the food “is as good for you as it tastes?” All too often, if you order the food and try to follow the “plan,” you may discover it tastes like salted cardboard. But eating healthy does not mean you have to dine without flavor. And although it provides sustenance, remember that food should be enjoyed!

The Wonderful World of Bread

Belgian Waffle Works bakes fresh whole wheat grain hamburger buns and dinner rolls to serve to customers. Stop in and try a delicious cinnamon loaf made fresh with whole grain flour stuffed with golden raisins and topped with a gooey vanilla frosting. The Belgian Waffle Works also serves the Ruben, Tuna Melt and Patty Melt on a delicious marbled rye bread. Other choices for bread include our white, wheat berry and sourdough bread to go along with our famous Walnut Chicken, Tuna, Egg Salad or fresh cut meats.

Beer: The Perfect Beverage?

October is the perfect month to talk beer. What better way to enjoy this beverage than at Oktoberfest which is held in Lake Arrowhead every weekend through October 30. NBC Los Angeles recommends a stop in Lake Arrowhead for the event in its “WORTH THE DRIVE” segment. What other product inspires festivals? For example, a lot of thirsty people are … Read More

The Wonderful World of Coffee

    Java. Joe. Bean juice. Go juice. Black Gold. Coffee goes by many names.  With 54% of the population partaking in coffee on a daily basis, it has become an essential part of many people’s lives.  Although September 29 was “National Coffee Day,” every day is a good day to celebrate coffee. Let’s take a look at the history … Read More

Fun Facts about Waffles

Medieval Beginnings The humble waffle had its beginnings in the Middle Ages as light and thin cakes that were cooked between wafer irons. The purveyors of these treats took to the streets to sell them to the public. Sellers were, of course, called “waferers.” In Europe, these sellers were only allowed to sell during special occasions. Competition was so fierce … Read More

Serving Waffles Dockside at Lake Arrowhead Village since 1982

The Belgian Waffle Works first opened its doors in 1982 and has since become one of the icons of the Lake Arrowhead Village. Thousands of visitors from all across California and around the world visit the famous eatery each year, where they enjoy wonderful meals, great views and attentive service. Lake Arrowhead is located in the mountains of Southern California … Read More