Fun for the Kids in Lake Arrowhead

Learning about the history of a region gives kids and grownups some perspective and a better sense of place. The Mountain History Museum is operated by The Rim of the World Historical Society which fosters appreciation of the San Bernardino Mountains and surrounding area.

Winter Fun at Winterfest in Lake Arrowhead

Featuring live entertainment on the center stage in Lake Arrowhead Village, Winterfest is a great opportunity for locals and visitors alike to experience the unique flavor of Lake Arrowhead.

Sandwiched between Two Slices of Bread

Offering a wide array of sandwiches from our salsa chicken sandwich to a delectable Parmesan roast beef sandwich, Belgian Waffle Works has the right sandwich to fit your mood.

The Joy of Being a Tourist: Lake Arrowhead Travel

While the old saying goes “it’s the journey, not the destination,” we feel it’s a little bit of both. Are you looking for a destination that has a lot to offer and is worth a lengthy trip? Lake Arrowhead and the surrounding area are the perfect destination for those seeking either adventure, relaxation, or the perfect mix of both.

Skiing while you’re in the Lake Arrowhead Area

There are several ski and board rental outlets and places to buy gear near Lake Arrowhead and surrounding cities such as Running Springs and Arrowbear. So getting the right equipment is relatively easy. Consider renting equipment from a knowledgeable retailer instead of borrowing it and trying to “make it fit.”

All About Eggs

One of nature’s oldest food items, eggs have become an important part of pop culture. There is even a website dedicated to the science of cooking eggs. Eggs are so special they have their specifically-designed carton, which was initially invented by Joseph Coyle in 1911, and used by kids in art classes everywhere. Love the taste of small-farm produced eggs? Some suburbanites are even raising their own egg-laying hens!

Hot Toddies: Hot Drinks to Warm You Up

A hot toddy is a mixed drink made with alcohol and some spices that not surprisingly is served hot. Some people swear by the drink as a prescription the cold or flu. But make sure you also drink a lot of non-alcoholic fluids to avoid dehydration.

Fall in Lake Arrowhead

The holiday season is a magical time in Lake Arrowhead. Especially when blanketed in snow, the mountain scenery is truly breathtaking. The entire area offers holiday fun for visitors and residents alike.

The Wonderful World of Wine: Wine on a Budget

Three bottles of Château Lafite-Rothschild 1869 recently sold at auction for the equivalent of $232,692 a bottle. The median price of homes nationwide in the third quarter of 2010 was $177,900. Should you get a bottle of wine, or buy a home and a BMW? Hard decision! So what’s our point? Wine does not need to be expensive to be … Read More

Enjoying Fall in Lake Arrowhead: Holiday Activities and Places to Take a Hike

What to Do in Lake Arrowhead: Shop, Dine or Take a Hike! The slogan of the Lake Arrowhead Village is “Old Warm Charm…New World Excitement.” Lake Arrowhead boasts a more relaxed pace of life than its busier Southern California neighbors, but also offers all the modern conveniences. Fall is a wonderful time at Lake Arrowhead. Leaves are changing to golden … Read More